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Shirin Madani

Ms. SHIRIN MADANI, surrealist, visual and figurative painter

Born in 1971

  • A member of American and United European Photographers' and Painters' Association, since 2005
  • Educational Degrees: High School Diploma of Graphic Design, Bachelor's and Master's Degrees of Painting and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
  • Commenced professional artistic activities in different fields since 1991 (including: painting, graphic design, photography, tapestry, art clay silver, interior architecture and design, and decoration)
  • Professionally commenced painting in the style of surrealism and visual since 1995
  • Teaching painting and graphic design in the University of Tehran: Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts and Islamic Azad University of Arts from 1995 to 2003  
  • Tutoring the aforesaid courses since 1998
  • Participation in more than 45 group exhibitions in different fields including graphic design, design, paintings, photography, tapestry and handcrafts in Iran from 1993 to 2009, and more than 25 countries across the world such as European countries, USA, Canada, Turkey, China and Japan from 1985 to 2009
  • Five solo shows in Iran and  five solo shows of painting and photography across Europe (Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Romania, Spain)
  • Awarded with a number of honorable mentions and honorary diplomas and publication of several interviews, articles, works and critiques in various magazines, dailies and books in Iran and abroad
  • Attained ranks in competitions of painting, photography and graphic design in Iran and abroad
  • Participation in several workshops in Iran, Turkey and some European countries
  • An honorary member of Contemporary Surrealists' and Dark Artists' International Association since 2000
  • Publication of 88 paintings in a book titled "Silence Blue" published in 2009  
  • After four years of solitude, once again, I held a solo show of painting titled "Tavalodi Digar (A Rebirth)" in Rooz Gallery for public
  • Commencement of an artistic activity titled "Dastsazehaye Shirin (Sweet Handcrafts)" together with my husband, Mr. Ali Mahdi Seirafi (Eng.), since 2014

Shirin Madani